Sorry Jason!

Have you ever had a dream so realistic that when you wake up from it you do silly things? LOL well, last night I had this crazy dream that Jason (my hubby) was falling off a cliff! In the dream I went to reach out for, him to save him and somehow between the dream and real life I woke up and was actually reaching over to him, at 4 something in the morning! LOL what really woke me up was the sound of Jason saying "WHAT DID YOU HIT ME IN THE EYE FOR?!!!!" I guess in the process to save him I socked him....in the eye. LOL Sorry honey... I was just trying to save you!

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Emilie Ahern said...

Once Matt swatted my leg really hard because he was dreaming there were rats on me. Nice.

Jason said...

I was actually poked in the eye and it was more like 5:45 in the morning. It ruined my last 15 minutes of sleep.

Having said that, it's nice to know that if I was falling off of a cliff, that my loving wife would poke me in the eye to distract me from the fear of imminent death. I would be too busy holding my injured eye to notice the ground coming up fast.

Thanks for your helping hand.

Your loving hubby.

~Nancy~ said...

Hehe.. such a fun story! And yeah.. that happened to me too.. I sometimes even wake up crying because it looks so real.. hehe.. XOXO

Debs said...

wow this has really tickled me!! and just reading jason's reply is cracking me up...!!! :) best laugh i've had in ages!! :D