I did it... and I can't believe that I did!

So I've been DREAMING FOR SOME TIME NOW... for a BIG and fancy photo printer...

the Epson PS1400. Then while Jason was out yesterday looking for a laptop... he come across some very useful knowledge pertaining to me... Epson had come out with an even better version called the Epson R1900... ooooooooo right?! Well, I've been saving my published money for some time and I decided to make the move and buy it! It was a little painful clicking on the order now button, but I did it anyways! With this, I hope and plan to make my growing photography business blossom even more. We'll see... I'll let you know how it goes LOL! Man, sometimes it's really scary moving forward with a dream... don't you think?!!
Here is the link for the printer

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Just Me said...

My mom has an epson printer and she loves it! She uses it for everything and it's awesome because it prints 12X12 or bigger so she also uses it for her scrapbooking to make her own paper sometimes. Your going to love it and it will be so helpful in your business!

MishaLee said...

oohhh nice! i got the 1400 for my birthday (we found it for a great deal!) and i'm loving it. your has some seriously fancy features! have fun!
i got my package friday....thanks so much!
xoxo M

wendipooh13 said...

ohhh congrats and how exciting!!! I want a real printer that prints photos too... ours is almost dead, so I'm already hinting... LOL

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hey girlie!!!
It was so nice to "hear" from you today. You are too sweet :)
Okay, I just have to tell ya.....the song you have opening your blog is one of the songs that always makes me tear up. It just is so sweet. It makes me think back to the days of sitting on the front porch sipping sweet tea with my sweet grandma Ann. I don't know why, but it does..lol :)Sniff, sniff.
You will love your Epson. I have had mine for about 4 years (only, I just have the RX500). It is amazing and prints beautifully. It will be awesome for all of your beautiful photos you take so well!

Sorry to make this a long one..ha!
Yes, I wish we lived a wee-bit closer. Not too far, but just far enough..waahhh.. Hey you should call me sometime, it would be SO FUN to chat up a storm with ya! (541-385-8310)

Well, sorry to write a book.
Talk soon!

KateB said...