Take two

After the winds finally died down... Luisa and Marc did a re-shoot. It turned out much better. In fact, it was the PERFECT day for photos. LOL in the end I got a parking ticket for forgetting to put coins in the meter! I'm such a dork!
These two were so fun because they were up for anything. so, we got in lots of fun poses.
Isn't Luisa such a gorgeous pregnant thing! She had not one ounce of fat on her cute body.
Just all belly!

So, I asked Marc if he wanted to jump up and Luisa said "I think I want to try it too". This is my fav from the whole photo shoot and PS she is due any day!!!

Thanks guys for all the laughs and Marc for being such a sweet hubby to her!

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elizabeth said...

I need to take some pics like this!! Wish I lived by you...& the beach!:)

heather taylor photography said...

hey! :)

What a great-looking couple, and these shots are so cool- I love that last one! And wow, she is GORGEOUS!!! Glad the weather cooperated with you! :)

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh!!!! love all the photos and what a gorgeous couple... love her preggo belly took!!! great shots

Just Me said...

What fun beautiful pictures!

Justin and Kim said...

Hey I'm glad everything worked out! Your photo session came out so pretty!