I long for a 2nd CAR!!!!

At this time, we are a one car family! AND IT'S DRIVING (or not LOL) ME CRAZY! I have to get up so early if we need the car for the day. I have to take the boys out in their PJ and me without a bra (and that's not a pretty sight), so we can take Jason to work first. Today we have a Doctors app. for Calvin. Poor thing need shots. I really do miss having a 2nd car! Does anyone else feel this pain??? Grrr! please tell me I'm not the only one living in the 50's!

Here is my new class. I'm teraching the delicious new "Tinkering Ink peek-a-boo mini Album."

I just love how full of color their papers are!

This is also the Make & Take I'm doing this Saturday at the local scrapbook store (Strictly Scrapbooking)
I used Stickles on a layover.

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Just Me said...

We've thought about selling our Jeep and only having the one car. Bob has a work van he's able to take home so he doesn't need a car to get to and from work. But it's so nice having the option of two vehicles so we'll keep them both for now.

Your scrapbook projects are so cute!

wendipooh13 said...

have fun teaching your class and way cute stuff.... We were down to one car for over a year when we moved here and might be going back down to one again.. I hear ya!!!