A little work and a lot of play!!!

Wednesday was GORGEOUS! It was a summer day in Feb. Thanks you California weather because I needed a brake from the cold.
Before I ran off and played for the day, I got in some scrapping time. I made this lo about HOW OBSESSED I AM WITH SCRAPPING! YEP...I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! anyone want to 2nd that?

So around 11:00am I hear the phone ring and it's my dear Meagan (BFF) on the phone calling to say "I'm so playing hooky today from work! want to hang out?" which I replied "HECK YA". I mean, who am I to say no to fun?!

Local surfers

Bradley using the lifegaurd tower as a slide
love this photo

I really love this one too

And this one is my FAVORITE!

Thanks Meagan for spending the day with us. Hope everyone else had a GORGEOUS Wednesday :)

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Staci Compher said...

I will 2nd the obsessed scrapper!! love the layout you did such a great idea!! ......and nothing better than a call from your BFF saying lets play.....

gorgeous pics.......

Danielle Holsapple said...

Yup - great shots HEidi!!!!!

wendipooh13 said...

just love your page, and I am sooo jealous, I miss the beach sooo much, esp in Feb and March when its not freezing, like we are here!!