A funny little story

Last Friday, Luisa came over to my house for the first time to scrap with me. While she was here, I noticed on her face that she wasn't doing very well and that is when she said "I think I might need to go home". The poor thing started the beginning stages of labor. She after only being here for about 40mins, packed it all up again to head home. This is her first baby so she wasn't sure if it was starting or not, so I asked her... "do you feel an odd 'I'm about to start my FRIEND OF THE MONTH feeling'?" and she said "yes".

So as of now, I think she is in the hospital. Good luck girl with it all and we'll have to scrap again sometime. LOL

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Just Me said...

How exciting!

Emilie Ahern said...

Hilarious. Maybe she'll name her kid Heidi SonBoool.