29 on the 29th

So today on the 29th of march my older brother Adam is turning 29. isn't that cool? you can only do that once. Anyway, ADAM this is for you... hope you get a good laugh and enjoy this poem!

You're turning 29, it's true. But don't go feeling sad and blue.
Another year. You've gotten older. That deserves a pat upon your shoulder

The girls still dig you. Yes it's true that a fun time can be had with you,

because you look good for your age... so take a bow upon the stage.

I want to buy a gift for you. something that says; "Well, lucky you".

A moon trip as an astronaut, or a circus flea...or maybe not.

Perhaps a really awesome rug, or better yet your own "Face Mug".

A million dollars I would share...if I had enough to spare.

Well here's a poem for you instead, and I hope you don't start blushing red.

So celebrate. HIP HIP HOORAY, because it is your special day.

Have some cake...and eat it too. Why not, this poems just for you.

Happy birthday. All the Best. And take time to enjoy the rest.

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amc94 said...

Thanks Heidi! You're the best!!! When did you take that picture of me in the mask? I don't even remember putting that thing on!

wendipooh13 said...

oh Heidi that is sooo fun, love the creativity!!!

ArtsyChaos said...

Ha.. Hi Heidi !! I love this, it's so fun. Love your blog !