Why I love Tessa ann

This is a lo I did for my dear friend Tessa. She is such an amazing person. Love ya girlie :) I'm proud to be your friend

PS. I took this picture at night so it's not the true color. I also hand painted the title :)

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Just Me said...

Such a great layout as always. And a great tribute to your friend!

P.S. - sorry I didn't tell you that we are having a boy. I have a baby blog you can check out http://finallyababy.blogspot.com/ (it also has belly pictures.)

TessaAnnWatte said...

Oh, Heidi you make me blush.
This is so beautiful and thoughtful. I really love you too!
You are such a sweet person. Thanks for making my day :)
Hugs BIG time!

Jen Glover said...

Beautiful layout! I love your blog. I could really use your ideas on mine! Happy Monday!