I have never seen so many new Scrapbooking products in one place, in my life before. Being a part of CHA was an amzing thing. I can't believe how blessed I was to go! Thanks Tinkering Ink for taking me! So, here are some pictures of things I loved and amazing women I met. hope you enjoy them

Dinner with the Girls.

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Just Me said...

How fun! Glad that you had such a great time!

Michelle said...

It was so great to meet you!!!!!

Emilie Ahern said...

Who is that dark and mysterious girl in the last photo?

She looks so seductive and gorgeous!

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hey girlie.
It was SUCH a pleasure to meet you. You are even more sweet and vibrant in person than I had imagined. I adore ya ;)

Totally agree with Em...Who's that girl (can you hear that song by madonna playing...hehehe)

Hey when you get a chance, do you mind emailing me the pics you took of us and especially that one of me and my girl Rachel??? Thanks times a zillion.

I loved seeing your post and all of the fabo celebs you scored pics with!

Girl...you so rock the scrappiness (but, I told you that already..haha)

Keep in touch :)
PS: Sorry for the novel here ;)

Unity Stamp Company said...

It was great meeting you Heidi. I sent some stuff with Emilie for you. You girls were great! Thanks for stopping by to see me.

Danielle Holsapple said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I came into the booth to say hi to Emilie and I can't believe I didn't see you....I'm not sure I would have recognized you but I would have liked to meet you after all the sweet comments you leave for me at Scrapbook.com...AND the fact that I love your work! I'm sad now... :(