What I've learned

What have I learned this month? well, lets see...

I found out how fun Pam is on the phone

I realized that Emilie and I still have things to laugh about and that in less then 15 days will finally meet face to face

That it really doesn't take much to make me happy

That I have fallen in love again with beadingThat I miss my sisters Penny and Tammy living in Cali

That we have fun friends like the Dawson's. Thank Mike for taking Bradley for a ride in your culdesac
That I love this picture of Jasonthat photography speaks the words I sometime can't find to say. Isn't our earth a master piece?!
And that it's always fun running into old friend



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Jason said...

I just love your posts. The Dandelion pic is great, and who is that handsome biker dude? You are one lucky woman.

FYI. I am serious about loving your posts [And the handsome biker dude :-)].

Love ya.

Amy Hummel said...

This post of yours is amazing! LOVE the dandelion picture! You've been really inspiring to me lately!!!

And I love seeing your work all over the magazines.

I assume that you are meeting Emilie at CHA? I'm so jealous that I can't go. Mainly because I don't have a ticket to get in... And another good reason is that I'm 35 weeks pregnant, LOL. But I'm sure that I'd try to go anyway seeing as it's only a 6 hour drive.