I am beautiful

Last night on Saturday (the 26th of January), TLC host this years Miss American Beauty Pageant. I MUST SAY...I LOVE BEAUTY PAGEANTS!!!! WITH A PASSION! I know for some people they think they're lame, but it's a love I hold high.

So, last night as I was watching it I WAS SHOCKED THAT Miss Michigan WON ( I thought Cali had it in the BAG!)! Okay yes she is pretty, but she killed the song she sang (in a bad way) and her question at the end... a 5 year old could have answered. Now I know I'm getting a little crazy about it but what was up with the carbs for the non winners and why was it so reality TV? I miss the good old pageants. Is there some way we can all vote to go back to the old days?

Okay, So with the Beauty pageants theme I and my online BFF decided we should do a page about our beauty. something we love about ourselves. so here is mine. I hope you all love it because it was some real heartfelt journaling on my part.

Miss American site for winner


You would think having curly hair is a glamorous thing, but really it’s not. As a child I would sit through hours of my Mother trying to figure out what to do with it. Here is a clue… NEVER USE A COMB! They are enemy #1. Then As a teen I found my footing. With many hair products, I realized there was hope for this Goldilocks after all. Later as an adult the product I came to love, I found out was no longer being sold in my local stores. Trying to find a new fix, I went through over 20 new brands and finally I found one that would work IF I used hair spray along with it. So here I am 26 years later… with my head up high. Yes, I can now say “I’m having a good hair day”. Yes, I can now say “I truly do feel beautiful”

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TanishaRenee said...

Gorgeous Heidi!!

Paper Princess said...

This LO is fit for a queen :)! I agree with you on the whole pageant thing...I used to be a pageant girl (the Miss America system is the system I competed in) back then it was still 'old school' but I'm with you...I like it better! I wish Calif. would have won (or maybe I'm just biased because I'm a calif girl :)