This entry is for my HUBBY

With CHA being only 17 more days away... MY SWEET JASON took the 11,12 & 13th of from work so I can go to CHA KID FREE! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE MY BABIES but, this is something I WANT to do alone. So, Thanks Jason for loving me this MUCH!

While there I can't wait to see
Tinkering Ink
Anna Griffin
Unity Stamps
American Craft
Scenic Route
My Minds Eye
Heidi Grace
Heidi Swapp
Creative Cafe
and Much MORE!

Here is a sight the Pam C told me about. It's a preview of all the Yummy things that will be at CHA and in local store soon.

Are you drooling? because I use was!
Also here are a few new things I made for my local store with the Creative Cafe line.

Here are some picture I took this past few days

Fountain at the mall

Calvin discover how to get under the fence

A Rainy Day with Auntie Meagan

A snuggle with Pappy

Blood Pressure

Calvin Making animals XOXO

Meagan says "Oh Pretty"
My sister possessed

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Emilie Ahern said...

That little mailbox is TO DIE FOR! I have the same mailbox and now I am inspired to use it!

Just Me said...

What a great husband you have! The pictures are so cute and you always amaze me at the wonderful creative things you come up with.

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh sooo glad to hear from ya again!!! its been a LONG time!!! such a cute blog you have!! and love all your pics, LOs and projects!! you are soo talented!!! great job... Well yup became a scappin addict too and can't stop you are SOOO lucky to go to CHA!!! I am totally jealous, have fun and a blast- I'm sure you will!!! how are Tammy and Penny?