With all the new products always on the market "The Cricut" is the hotest cutting scrapbooking machine. Over this Christmas I had the chance to run out and buy one and I didn't because I decided to get my booty in shape instead and I bought a treadmill LOL. Someday I hope to have one but, for now I'll be kicking it old school with my cute little Sizzix Side Kick. Yes, I might get carpal tunnel from it but, it adds the perfect touch to my titles. So, here is to all the other old school scrappers that are still using their sizzix!

PS. Calvin has fallen in love with sitting on our glass table while watching a little baby show.

oh and what would be a Calvin with out his Hobbes.

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Christi Snow said...

Heidi, I am blog-hopping with the baby (8mos) in my lap and she has been sitting here fussing, but then your music started and she saw your photo at the top and just started giggling.

I LOVE that layout...everything is just PERFECT about it. Calvin {and Hobbes}...too cute! smiles...

Zee said...

Beautiful pictures, love your work and the Calvins/Hobbes comment cracked me up!