I miss the summer

I've never been a fan of Winter. I think it's because I get Bronchitis EVERY winter. I so long for those warm summer days of laying on the sand while watching my boys playing in the sand. SUMMER... COME BACK TO ME!
is it just me or does everyone feel this way?

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Just Me said...

And your lucky living in California! I'm so tired of the cold and the snow. I'm so ready for the warm weather to be here!

Jaime Lea said...

I must be super weird because I long for the WINTER. In Vegas it's either cool summer, warm summer or HOT summer. Where's the snow, baby? Could I just get some stinking snow over here. Sheesh!

And now I'm done.

But I feel for you even still.

Danielle Holsapple said...

I miss FALL! In the midwest it is so HOT in the summer I wish it was September all year!

Emilie Ahern said...

Our friendship might be in jeopardy, but I HATE the summer and LOVE the winter. Sorry. But truly, isn't Autumn the very best season by far?! Heck Yeah!