In just one day

Yesterday I took the day off (well...at least part of it off) and already so much has happened.
Bradley and Calvin went to school and when I picked them up, they were both in trouble! I couldn't believe it! My first day back and there was no time to ease back into motherhood. Calvin wasn't doing his work again and Bradley... well Bradley decided to cut a LITTLE GIRL'S HAIR!!!! Hair is a big deal to me (being that curly hair is so much work) and the little girl that sits next to him has the most gorgeous hair. I asked him "Why would you do that"??? and he said "I just wanted to see if the scissors could cut hair". If you know Bradley, you'll know that THIS is no where like him! He always thinks before acting and is very thoughtful of other's feelings. We are gifting the little girls with a hair salon gift card and he will work off the money it took to buy it. 

So why am I still up at 12am? I know that CHA just ended, but I have the BEST idea for a new collection. My mind is bursting with themes, patterns and color schemes. I'm still so tired from CHA and tomorrow I have an art class, but I don't want to forget anything. So as you all rest in bed, I'll be working to my favorite music (on my sidebar). 

Needless to say... this was some first day back!   

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The Ark said...

What can I say, "Some days are better than others!" Hang in there. They are only young once.
Love, Mom

Leslie said...

And this is when I just say a prayer of thanks that my children are still little. In a happy note your booth and all your CHA stuff makes me jealous!!!!