A New Week Of Motivation + Weigh In From Wednesday.

So my good o'l period is starting today. lol... Sorry, too much info?! Most likely!
There is a reason why I'm sharing this personal news. It's because over this last 2 days I've been super emotional! SUPER... like way more than normal. I was anticipating my period might do this, but not this much. It's almost like a quiet weird depression, where I don't feel like hanging out with friends. Like all I want to do is watch cry fest movies.

There is a good side to this story. The whole time I've been feeling this way, I haven't eaten out of emotion. Not even once. I'm sure this is from the 3 weeks of being strong and not giving in. It's got to be! Got to be! I still haven't missed a workout and even though I've been sore, I'm powering through it. Having faith that it will all kick in soon. Oh please let it kick in soon!

So on this day when I feel like being a hermit, I turn to this for my new motivation and to kick off week 4. I'm a sucker for stripes...a sucker!


Now the weigh in:
The first week I lost 6.4
The second week I lost 3.6
And this past third week I lost..... 4.2 !!!

That makes a grand total of 14.2 lbs in 3 weeks!!!
On Wednesday, knowing that I lost this much lifted my spirits. Well that was until I found out my weight watchers goal was 164 lbs for my 5' 8" body. I could just die!

Let me tell you why with a little side story. I've kinda already outed myself the other day. After posting my weigh in video, I realized that my team leader accidentally got my weight on film! It's okay... I still love her. If you go back and watch the video at full screen, you'll totally see my weight and if you do the math... yes, I started at 311.4 :(

Listen, I know that is a really big number. Like a "biggest loser" number, but once upon a time I was much lighter and I would allow myself to eat when stressed. The stress was getting worse and worse and never dealing with it...got me there to 311.4

Okay, so back to the 164 part. If again... you do the math, that means I have to lose  147.4
I've already lost 14.2 and so I ONLY have another 133.2 to go!
OH MY WORD, that is a whole person. To top it off, I was watching Honey Boo Boo (waiting for fall TV to start) and there was a episode I will never forget! The mom decided to step on the scale and at first it read error. She tried again and the 2nd time, it read 309! 309??? Wait, that big lady weighs less than me 3 weeks ago???

Talk about motivation! Sure she is rocking 4 chins and I only have two, but people... I just about died knowing this info. It's what got me up for my workout today, when I felt bloated and sluggish!

Man, I went way darker with this post than I thought! This is why I should be a hermit while my  "friend" visits. So over all, I've now gone public with my starting weight. I had another GREAT weigh in. Even though my period is here, I'm still being really...really good. I like stripy things and I only have two chins...and working towards only one.

The end.

PS Don't forget. I'm only posting Monday- Friday's now. So come back on Monday. Oh and thanks for all those amazing comments yesterday. That meant a lot to me.  Monday, I'll be sharing what happen on the first day of school.

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Jaime Lynne said...

You, friend, are courageous, strong, determined! You can do this and I will cheer from the bloglines!

Guiseppa said...

You go girl...I am a weight watchers girl too! Keep it up...it is all worth it, believe me! I am a whole new person and I have never been happier with myself. You've got this. It's gonna be tough, but your life and health will be much better. If you ever want to talk about my experience...you know how to get a hold of me. Hugs!

Shemaine Smith said...

That is Awesome Heidi!! Way to go :) I can hear the determination in your post. You are making good choices and doing amazing! Keep it up!

Pam Callaghan said...

you are one of the bravest people around!! I bow to your braveness and how well you are doing! WTG HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nina Yang said...

Oh Heidi, I am on my 4th day of weight losing. workouts and no snack are sooooo hard! My motivation is: the photo hubby took of me from the back on our recent vacation. That pretty stripes shirt is waiting for us!!! We can do this! .\/.

Angela said...

you go girlie....that's all!

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

Good for you!!! Keep doing what you're doing!

PS I never thought you weighed that much. You don't look it at all. I have always thought you were much smaller than me.

Anonymous said...

We tall girls hide it well. Congratulations to you, Heidi, on your weight loss. I think being candid about what you are doing and the motivation is the KEY to success. Looking forward to seeing your losses pile up!

Cindy deRosier said...

Keep up the great work! So happy for you and the awesome progress you've made! BTW, I hadn't noticed that your weight was posted on the video. You certainly don't look that heavy. I agree with the comment that being candid is going to be really helpful - we blog readers are totally behind you!

Leslie said...

Yep, TMI!!! but I'm glad you didn't use it as an excuse!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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