Dear Mr. Sonboul, I have a crush on you!


Dear Mr. Sonboul,

It's safe to say that I adore you. Today I thought about our wedding day and even though we were on a "major budget" and we had the cheesiest reception ever, none of it mattered because I just wanted to be with you. Budget or no budget...one thing has never changed... I still want to "just be with you". Knowing that we have created two Jr. Sonbouls and seeing you by my side, holing my hand as I delivered them.... it is a moment in my life I'll never forget. You softly kissed me and spoke those words that ties my heart to yours. 

There have been many amazing moments between us and I'm sure there will be many more. It's doesn't matter if they are big or small, because I know that it will all be memorable. Every new gray hair or wrinkle we gain throughout our years together, will be our true calendar. I envision us taking walks when the kids are grown and gone and we are aged with life. I see us still holding hands and laughing as we do today. Kissing and lovin each other. 

There are so many times when we get on each others nerves and I love it, because it's true passion. I love that we feel so safe with each other that we can just be who we are. Knowing that we understand each other and feel safe as a team. This was what I thought marriage was a child. This is that comfort I was seeking and found in you. I wish I could truly tell you how I fill inside, because my emotions limit my words. Do however know this... you make me happy each new day we have together.

So Happy 11th Anniversary a day early.
I love you and here are 11 reason why you are still the man for me:

1) You always kill spiders so I don't have too.
2) You don't ask me to watch scary movies, eat meat, or lose weight.  
3) You have helped make my scrappy dreams come true.
4) You still kiss me with passion and hold my hand.
5) You listen to me when I just need to talk and your advice always helps (even if 
it takes a few days to get through. haha).
6) You make me feel so safe.
7) You are great in bed ;)
8) You honor the Priesthood and are such a great example to our boys. 
9) You go along with my crazy lists and do your best to keep up.
10) You want what's best for our family and you work so hard for it.  
11) You are still married to me after 11 years of Mac & Cheese.

Needless to say Mr. Sonboul... I have a crush on you!

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Sharon said...

Awwww, that's sweet. Happy Anniversary.

I'm just a simple gal said...

aw, this is sweet. We just had our 8th anniversary on the 4th :) Happy Anniversary girlie!

Emilie said...

"ONE baked potato per guest please."

Love this.
Happy Love-Day.

The Ark said...

You make such a cute and wonderful couple! So obvisous how much in love you both are! Happy 11th Anniversary! Love, Dad and Mom

Nina Yang said...

Awwww, That is so sweet H! Happy Anniversary! Sweet dreams~~~