How to make your flowers last longer

I kinda love flowers in our home and I buy them at random for myself.
It's simple really, I like pretty things in our home. Plus they smell good 
and in a house filled with boys I welcome good smells. haha

Flowers can cost a lot and most of us gals get them for Valentine's Day. 
I thought today I would share how I make my flowers last really long. Like... over 10 days long
When picking flowers, make sure you pick the flowers with no opened petals. This means that they are fresh and you are off to a good start. Make sure that the flowers are stiff and very little-to-no aged spots.
When you get them home, trim the stems and put them into "warm" fresh water (warm not hot. The warm water allows the flowers to suck up the water). All flowers come with flower food. You do not need to use the whole pack at once. I sprinkle in just a little of it and I make sure to take off any leaves that will be in the water. Leaves make the water dirty faster.
Every morning I pour out the old water and give them fresh water with more flower food.
When first putting my flowers in the vase, I take 4 short stems and create a X in the vase. This will allow you to arrange them the way you like and they will stay in place.
Last, when you put them out to enjoy make sure to pick off any petals that are starting to fall off. It makes them look better.

Like I said, this will allow your flowers to last for over 10 days.
Let me know how this goes for you this Valentine's Day

P.S. Next week I'll have a fun Valentine's Day give away. Keep a look out for it.

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