An untouched pile of leaves

Here in Southern Cali finding an untouched pile of leave is a little unheard of. Most people have gardeners that come by and clean them all up and being that our trees are almost all bare, most of the leaves are gone. The boys didn't really get the chance to play in the leaves this fall. When we went out to take family photos the other day and we came across these untouched leaves, the boys were in heaven. It was the biggest pile of leaves all down this small alley. 

I guess because most people wouldn't ever go that way, we were the lucky birds to find it (when looking for old brick walls to take photos at). Now... I know this is the lamest blog post ever, but as I watched the boys playing in the leaves my heart cherished each and every toss of fun. 
I mean... can you tell we are city people?! haha
Me going nuts-o over leaves.

Well, regardless I loved it and so did they. Yet another Magical childhood moment checked off the list :)
Oh parenting, you are so much fun!

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