The 10 day count down!

Hey everyone...
I can't believe it is finally here. On Friday night I started my "10 days count down" to me turning 30. I feel like I just turned 29 and the year apparently has come and gone. I'm so excited to turn 30 and am looking forward to my adult hood ;) Over this next few days I will be gifting myself with 30 gifts. Some are very small and some are a little bigger. I told you all that I love birthdays and I'm obsessed with themes.


This last weekend {Friday night} we went to a concert for the pomplamoose band and it was amazing. This was gift #1

They ended the show with this ditty {turn my music off before listening}.

After the concert was done and we walked back to our car... OUR CAR WAS GONE! WHAT, SOMEONE STOLE OUR CAR??? The funny thing is that I could only think about the boy's car seats being taken and us getting home too late for my mom and dad. After we/I calmed down we finally saw a sign WAAAAAY out of sight and behind a tree...which leads me to my next 3 gifts.

I've never been in a taxi and being that it was a new experience I made it gift # two. I asked the taxi driver if he was going to kill us and Mr. Sonboul laughed at me. When we got to the car pound it cost us $185.oo to get our car out {that's how they roll in Beverly Hills}. I made this gift # three. When the guys at the pound took me to our Honda I realized my keys where GONE {I though "You've got to be kidding me"}! Thank heavens Mr. Sonboul had his keys on him. We then drove back over to the concert where our car was towed. Earlier in the night when I called the tow number I sat down at the curb and that is where they were sitting in the street! That was Gift #four. I have never been so happy to see my keys.


Over all this first night coat us WAY to much, but Mr. Sonboul and I made the most of it and made friends with the taxi and car pound guys. I had them all laughing. Total cost of this night = $325.oo


After getting some good sleep {from getting home at 2am} I went out shopping by myself on Saturday {being that Sunday is our no shopping day}. It was nice to be alone for a little bit. I went to Home Goods and found 1 large mirror, 1 beautiful blue bowl, 1 stand for the bowl, 1 chunky candle stick holder, 1 large glass hurricane, and 2 gorgeous pillows. That's a grand total of 11 gifts. I'll be posting pictures later when I have them all in our home :) with our new sofa and chair. woohoo I love pretty things for our home.

It has been a packed two day of fun ups and downs, but over all a step in the right direction. Today Sunday, we will spend it relaxing with the boys, playing legos with them and Monday will be day 3.

Mr. Sonboul,
Thanks for making our date night fun and trying to make the most of all the craziness. I'll never forget that night! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and thanks for marrying me. Can you believe you'll be married to a 30 year old?! haha

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GabyCreates.com said...

What a fun day full of gifts!! Great to see you are making the best of life....30?... I am counting down to 50!
I was stopping by from the BG blog and would like to ask what program do you use to get your pictures in a slanted Polaroid kind of way?
Thanks ~Gaby www.gabycreates.com

Angie Lucas said...

I LOVE Pomplamoose! So cool you got to see them in person!