I was there to capture it


Alright, I'm back to share my layout from the GCD Studios news letter. I used the Animal Crackers and Soul Food collections. These are the photos I posted on a my a few days back.


Also, while visiting our friends home I took this picture of Calvin. I'm not surprised that he was doing this, because Calvin loves being a free bird. I'm just happy I was there to capture it ;) I hope that this summer I get many more picture like this.

Next week, I plan to make a summer album kinda like Ali's Christmas albums she makes.
See to later

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Tessa Buys said...

I've decided to use my new Smash book as a summer album. I think the format will be perfect for my busy summer days. I'm pretty sure Ali is doing her week in the life project this summer, too, and I'll do that as well. Love the photo! I should take the boys to the park today.... :).

I'm just a simple gal said...

I adore that layout!

Gina Lideros said...

this is an amazing layout Heidi. I love how the colors and photos just pop off the page.

Cheryl Nelson said...

LOOOOOOVE that lo!! Fab photo!

Leslie said...

Love the photos of the hugs. The best part of parenting :)

P.S On your previous post 5:30 is way too early...I have often been waking up at that time for the past 3 weeks (AZ sun comes up early and it wakes Mariah) and I am NOT getting used to it. Probably because I don't get up and excercise but lazy around so I don't wake up. But looking at that picture is certain motivation. You were soooo skinny! I have to tell you about my new favorite food blog if you are looking to diet too. It's called www.skinnytaste.com and everything on it looks (and what we've tried tastes) wonderful!!! The best part is that it's all light, even weight watcher approved, cooking. You will get hungry when you start browsing. My favorite comment by a reader was that for 3 weeks she's been cooking from a recipe a day from the blog. She commented that "my husband is complimenting my cooking every night saying I've become such a better cook AND I've lost 12 pounds! How is that possible?!" Made me laugh.

P.S.S. (Sorry about the novel post) We got your package. Tried to call but you didn't answer. Mariah loves the "kitty". I'll call you soon to officially thank you but I love it and you are making me baby hungry.