The "how-to's" and close ups

Hey everyone,
I spent the whole day yesterday crafting for Crate Paper and GCD Studios. I can't show you the full projects, but I can show you the "how-to's" and close ups ;)

My assignment was to create a center piece for a wedding table. This whole thing cost me just a little over $10.00 to make (this is including the papers and ribbon). So, if you are on a budget for your wedding.... try this idea. It will give you some good table hight and make your reception/tables look amazing. So here we go....

Step 1)
Using my Cricut and my Wedding/Marriage Cartridge, I cut out 100 2inch flowers and 100 1/5 inch flowers (same flower, just a smaller and larger size) .

Step 2)
I went to Michael's and bought 1 wooden stick (.59 cents), this foam for flower arrangements ($3.59), and 1 foam ball ($4.50)

Step 3)
Make a hole in the foam ball using your stick and take the stick back out. Squirt hot glue in the hole and put the stick back in. This will hold it in place nicely.

Step 4)
Using your hot glue, glue together 4 of the foam blocks

Step 5)
Using your hot glue, glue on all your 2inch flowers first. Then glue in your 1.5 inch flowers (in the middle of the 2 inch flowers). Make sure to fluff up the petals before you glue them down.

Step 6)
Take a satin ribbon and wrap the stick, to give a clean look. Then again, using a satin ribbon in two different shades, make 3-4 bows and place it under the topiary.

Step 7)
After you have glued your 4 foam rectangles together, cover them with matching papers ( I used Crate Papers beautiful wedding collection). At the top, cut a hole and squirt hot glue in the hole. Then put in the stick to keep in place permanently.

Step 8)
Add on photos and embellishments to each size.

To see the finished looks, Visit the Crate Paper blog this week.

Also, one last sneak peek. The GCD Studios news letter is going out tomorrow, so make sure to sign up for it... if you haven't ( inthestudio@gcdstudios.com ). I scrapbooked this layout for it and I must say... it's one of my new favorite layouts I've made :)

This months issue is celebrating fathers in a new and fun way. There are some fun photography tips and much more. Plus, I open up about a personal scary experience.

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Kim Sonksen said...

WOw - what an amazing project, Heidi. I adore this!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Fun peeks! Can't wait to see!

Rebecca said...

WOWZA that topiary looks GORGEOUS!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I just clicked over from Crate Paper and I'm so glad I did. I love this! I would also LOVE to link to it if you didn't mind.

Karina said...

I will be using these for my wedding this September!