Spring Break Check list

-Enjoy conference on Saturday and Sunday - DONE
-Go to the beach
-Read 50 books to my boys
-Visit the zoo
-Make ice cream
-Buy a pie
-Ride bikes
-Visit Pappy & Nana's
-Spring photos shoot with the boys
-Plant flowers
-Clean out our food pantry- DONE
-Trip to the movies
-1 sleep over
-Visit 3 new parks

I'm so excited to spend this time with my family and my boys! ~H

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Tessa Buys said...

Enjoy! Sounds heavenly :). Conference was pretty awesome.

Laura Evangeline said...

Why don't grown ups get Spring Break??? There's seriously something wrong with The System!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Conference was THE BEST! Have a FAB week!!

Mandy said...

Enjoy! Sounds like lots of fun!