After 8 attempts

I FINALLY saw the snow fall at the age of 29. It was so beautiful and I had my whole family laughing at me from the kitchen window. I tried....waited....and failed on 7 different snow trips. FINALLY on this 8th trip when it happened for me, I couldn't care less what anyone else thought as I ran around in the back yard playing in it. I saw it and it's the most amazing and beautiful thing! It's like little fluffy balls falling from the sky. lol I didn't even think about how wet you could and can get from them falling on you. duh... It's just water that frozen! This made my trip to UT even better! ~H

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AnitaRex said...

Whoooo hooo I'm happy for you as I can see you really wanted some snowfall! :> I live in A LOT of snow in the winter but it's still fun to see it fall for the first time each year!!!

Laura Evangeline said...

Haha! You are too funny! Being from central Texas, I never saw snow until I got stationed here in KY/TN. Everyone thought I was a total dork when I saw my first snow. Anyway, I hope to see a scrapbook page about this ASAP!