Jason Who?

If you've ever been through college finals....
then I'm sure you understand that "life" gets put on hold.
Jason has 1.5 weeks left of school and then he's out until the fall.

Because of all the studying and tests, I don't really see him much.

So, tonight when he came home and said
"You want to watch your netflix move?" (which was whip it, Brew Barrymore movie),
I said
"heck yeah!"

I love you Jason. I can't wait until you're done! I can't wait for a date night! I can't wait for a stress free summer with you.

GOOD luck on your tests :)


P.S. I love this photo. Yep he's my Irresistible Dessert lol

P.S.S. I LOVED Whip It!

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1 comment:

Amber said...

Ohhh, I remember those days! So glad when they were over! (Although I still have major studyign to do as I sit for the CPA exam!!!!!) Good luck Jason!