In 26 days:

School will be out
Bradley will finish the 1st grade without missing a single day of school
Summer begins!
We'll be relaxing and laying in the grass ...enjoying the weather on lazy days
All the Sonbouls will be freed from heavy schedules


This WILL be our best summer yet! I can feel it!

This summer list:
Make a new smoothie every weekend
Trips to: Sea World, Lego Land, Atascadero CA (to visit family) and Vegas with friends
A camp out
A slip and slide party
The county Fairs :)
A pie eating contest
Awesome fireworks
The soda shop
5 new restaurants
Visit a new city in Cali
A LOT of time in the sand
A water balloon fight
A picnic
Wednesday movie nights
Swimming lessons for the boys
Game nights with friends
Dinner parties
Planting crops in Nana's garden for the fall
Take an art class for me
Relaxing in the grass
Root beer floats
Make our own ice cream
Bake with the boys once every week
We'll MASTER the Wii
Date nights for Jason and I

AND way more :)

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Cheryl Nelson said...

Don't ya just LOVE summer!

Keshka said...

love that list--sounds like fun!

ashley.warner said...

I love your blog! You're darling!