Project for the day

This morning as I sat in front of my desk eating my Fruit Loops, I remember a project I wanted to start last week, but was to busy to do so. I decided that today would be a sewing day :)


Last week I bought all of these colorful fabrics with the intention to make a colorful banner for the boys room. Today, I finally put them to use and cut out a bunch of triangles.

PhotobucketOnce I was done cutting them all out... I sewed them.
The project took about 5 hours, but it was fun. After I picked Bradley up from school, I hung the banner all over their ceiling. It looks soooo cute and the boys love it. Mission completed!

I'll post pictures of it all tomorrow. So stay tuned

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Sarah Mullanix said...

Sounds sooooo cute....can't wait to see pics!!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Oh man, now I'm craving fruit loops!
Sounds like a super fun project Heidi!

(-: Heidi