It's shot day

Last year Calvin got his 2 year old shot and he hated it!
Today I'm taking him in for his 3 year old shot and because I'm a truthful mom... I told him
"Honey, today you are getting shots"

The question I have... do you tell your kids or wait until the needle is in the leg to tell them? Both ways work I guess. I'm just curious lol

Anyways, here is a layout I did last year about it. Yes, I take my camera to the doctor appointments. I told you... I'm a camera nerd!
Calvin hated the shot, but REALLY HATED the band aid and WANT IT OFF! lol When I took it off, he finally stop crying. Poor thing!

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Jenn said...

Love your blog banner!

When they are little I just show up but once they can understand and be bribed better I tell them in advance ;)

poor little guy looks so sad

~~Mia~~ said...

omgosh, what a great lo!! love the bandaid!!!!! he's tooo stinkin' cute!!!!

yes i always told mine as well! (he's 11 now...so lying would be fairly difficult now anyway!)

Cheryl Nelson said...

Oh poor little guy! What a great lo to document a not so fun event!
I'm so lovin' that bandaid! I don't think shots ever get any easier. Ty just had to get shots for his mission and at 19 he still hated it.

Kristie said...

I tell them too. Honesty is the best policy, right?

Adorable layout!!!

I also take my camera to the doctor, those are some of my favorite layouts!!!

Jill Deiling said...

aww poor little guy!! I hope he's better now! Alex is the exact same way, he hates the bandaids and always rips them off! Must just be a little boy thing, haha.

Lou Collins said...

Wow, I love that you took your camera, and even more that you put a band aid (or 'plaster' as we call it!) on your LO!
I tell my daughter who is 4 now, because she likes to show her little brother that there is nothing to be scared of. Oliver wouldn't understand, but I will be telling him in advance when he is a bit older.
Lou x

Karen Taylor said...

We had a tradition of listening to Pat Benatar'e HIT ME WITH YOU BEST SHOT full blast to and from the doctors office...Did it help with the shot??? No but they sure had fun rockin' to and from. Now as adults they go to Pat Benatar Concerts with me when she is in our area!!

Michelle said...

This is so cute!! What a great memory to document!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

omgosh what a sweet LO!! I take my camera everywhere too and ahve lots of drs office photos....now I know I am not totally crazy and even if I am I feel better knowing I am not alone....LOL

Amber said...

so sweet! kids continually surprise you with what they come up with!!

atlcarly said...

Cute story. My son is going to be 2 in 2 weeks, so this same experience is coming up. I'll have to bring my camera!

Diana said...

very cute, the photos and the layout! and yes, I do prep my kids too- I even tell them it might hurt. I say prepare them honestly, things work out better that way.

Vel said...

This is such a cute lo! I have to say, RJ HATED band-aids until just a few years ago (he'll be 10). I mean, he would not, under any circumstances, put one on, even if he was bleeding to death. I don't know what the fear is about but at least you know you're not alone!

ps. That picture is adorable!