Don't say it...unless you mean it!

About 2 Christmases ago, Jason got this for Christmas. I know he loves it...because he bought it for himself lol.
Anyways, 3 days ago it was raining and pouring out and while driving in the car
Bradley says "DADDY... It's raining"
Jason "Why.... yes it is" lol
Bradley "You can now get out your Air-Hog"
Jason "why?"
Bradley "You said you were saving it for a rainy day and TODAY IT'S RAINING"

After we all finished laughing I told Jas.... it's time to break that thing out of the box :)

My Bradley has the BEST and most amazing memory! He catches us ALL the time.
Here is a layout I did about him over the weekend :)

This layout was made with the new Sassafras Cherry Delicious. I love this line SO MUCH... I love the blue!

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Cheryl Nelson said...

He's such a cutie!! Love the story!

Jen said...

LOL! It's good to hear that I am not the only one that gets called out on the carpet by my kids! Too stinkin' cute!

Loving your layout too those blues are just yummy! and how handsome is he in his sunday best!

Leslie Davis said...

Love the layout, that blue is fab! My Emily is the same way! We call her our little elephant, she never forgets.

Julie Bonner said...

Adorable layout Heidi - just got those papers but haven't played with them yet . . . love the reverse scallop border - I'll have to try that :)

Fern said...

What a sweet layout, Heidi!! Super cute photos and I love the story!!!! He's such a sweetie!!

Linda Beeson said...

Now those are the jewels that children come up with that you don't want to forget! LOVE it.

Star Rork said...

Its been awhile since I visited your blog, all your layouts are AMAZING! love your work!

krista said...

hey there friend!!!!! thanks for the sweet comment!!!! miss ya!!!

Danielle said...

How adorable is he??? That story is priceless! My kids are always keeping me on my toes :) Love your LO. The colors, the photos, it's fantastic!

Tessa Ann* said...

I just adore your sweet family, Heidi! Your pages are always awe inspiring!

:) Luv ya girlie!!!!!

Tessa Ann