Is It Wrong To Lie To Santa?!

Over this last year, Calvin has gotten in a lot of trouble!


He rubbed toothpaste into the carpet ...2 times
He gives major dirty looks, when he gets busted for something
He hits and bites
He has no clue how to whisper
He wiped baby butt cream.... all over our bathroom
He has ripped books
He runs away and hides...so we CAN'T FIND HIM!
He loves putting toys in my cups of water
He has broken many things
He has colored on many things
He loves saying "NO" to everything
He kicked a dog!
He broke a camera


The truth is that 'this kid' should get coal in his stocking! HOWEVER... lucky for Calvin, he is so darn cute that most of these things have been forgiven lol

Over the weekend we wrote our "Dear Santa" letters and this year Calvin wants a camera of his own.
Mommy: "Calvin, have you been Naughty or Nice this year?"

Calvin: I've been NAUGHTY (in a silly voice)!"

With his response, it lead me to writing this on his card to Santa.


Now let me tell you... I've worked very hard with Calvin. I don't let him get away with anything, and yet the kid still doesn't quit or care! There is something within him, that drives him to crazy ideas. Not even Super Nanny could break this kid! I myself was a wild child and never stopped moving. I guess he got most of this through DNA lol

My point is... is it wrong to lie to Santa?! lol Ummm... yes!

I'm hoping that next year will go better. I'm hoping that he grows out of the 'running away stage'! I'm hoping that he STOPS destroying our home! I HOPING! lol all I have is hope!


I love you Calvin and your wicked little ways... and just so you know, even on your craziest days of not listening... I love you more then you'll ever know!

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janis said...

he is sooooooo cute!!!!

Bernice said...

hahaha Too cute! At least he's honest!

nancy said...

Cute post. Love that you tell us about his naughtiness but it's clear you adore him, too. :)

love.lovely said...

Love the picture! The look of trouble, heee!

I've been looking for an email link on your blog. Could you email me? pixiepetalsvintage@gmail.com

Shemaine Smith said...

Oh Calvin, I've lovingly nicknamed you "the Tasmanian Devil" bec you are probably the busiest little boy I know but your wicked ways aside, I absolutely adore you and those funny little faces you make.

Shemaine Smith said...
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Nikki Sivils said...

Heidi- My hubby, Dan and I love this blog entry about your son!! One day you'll look back and wonder where the time went, I'm so glad you are loving this time and his naughtiness! So sweet!!