"What does________ mean mommy???"

My boys were both FAST talkers! I've been told by our family pediatrician,
"even though Bradley is 6... he is speaking at a 10 years old level
even though Calvin is 3... he is speaking at a 6 years old level".

This past few days Calvin, has been asking the same question, over and over again. lol

"What does_____________ mean Mommy???"


"What does dumpy mean Mommy???"
"What does Street mean Mommy???"
"What does Sunshine mean Mommy???"
"What does nosy mean Mommy???"
"What does Father mean Mommy???"

This last question "What does Father mean Mommy???", made me realize.... we NEVER call Jason Father. we always call him Daddy, so when I told Calvin "Father means Daddy", he went around the house saying "Father means Daddy" lol.
I'm normally GOOD at the word game with my boys and it's funny I forgot to tell Calvin this, throughout his little life.

Anyways, I love this new little stage in Calvin's life.

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nancy said...

Kids are so motivated to learn... what is it inside them pushes them to want to absorb everything?! I love it.

Pretty layouts.. love the one with the clouds.

Cheryl Nelson said...

What a little sweetie!!

Amazing work by *YOU*!

Sarah Mullanix said...

LOVE that age...Carter is 14mo. and already saying things like WOW, oh COOL, and AWESOME (copying his 13 and 9yr. old sisters) so looking forward to what he comes up with in another year or so! TFS
ps-beautiful LO's

Jenn said...

beautiful projects!

My 3 year old, is question after question! I asked her she asks so many questions and she said "because I don't know a lot of things" good answer! lol

Kirsten said...

I can't imagine where your children get the 'talk a lot' gene from!

*reyanna klein* said...

What cute things they say! :) I'm loving these layouts and cards, Heidi! Seriously, awesome! :)