hold the meat

When I was 6... I decided meat wasn't for me! Over that next 3 years, I cut it out of my life.
I was so little to make that decision, but I hated it that much lol!

Thank heavens being a vegetarian is 'cool and healthy' now, because places like Tommy's use to think I was crazy when I said "Hold the meat please".
lol I once messed up J's meaty delight, because the guy at Tommy's were in shock from my order!

Thanks Jason (you meat lover you)... for loving me (this non... "I'd rather die than eat it"... girl)!
Thanks for letting me always pick the food places and thanks for putting up with the souplantation.

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Jason said...

Man, those burgers look good! I am definitely hungry now.

St├ęphanie said...

your LO is absolutely gorgeous !

Lisa P said...

Hold the meat for me, too, please! I can so relate to this post. Love the LO, too, BTW. ;-)