It's been a while when I last blogged. I've been busy with being Bradley's School Librarian and being sick.
Anyways, on Sat Bradley had a game and it turns out... it was a HOT day! Cali is having weird weather right now. It was raining for 3 days straight and then came Sat and it was CRAZY HOT
It was such a bad day to play soccer. All the boys on the field here sweating like crazy and as you can see... for Bradley...IT WAS TOO HOT...for him TO CARE!!! lol He was SOOO NOT INTO THIS GAME on sat. lol He walked the whole time and the coach said over and over "Run Bradley... get in there!!!"
lol I don't blame him. I would have done the same thing!
Sunday after church, we all had a nap :) and then simply... just hung out at HOME!
Thank HEAVENS for down days!
Here is a card I made for Piggy Tales :)
oh and P to the S... I'm potty training Calvin today... well ... at least trying!

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Leslie said...

I love the picture of Bradley just walking. I'm glad I'm in Utah right now and not Cali because I am DYING of heat and the highs are only in the 60's. Can you tell I'm ready for this baby?

Good luck with the potty training :)