I'm a fan of Mondays

Most people hate Mondays because... "It's back to work and life". However, I love THEM!

-Mondays mean a fresh start... it's like a mini New Years
-Mondays mean a clean home
-Mondays mean only 5 more days until Friday :)
-Mondays mean new weekly goals

Yep- Mondays are okay with me! Why am I so pumped up about Mondays?

Over the weekend I signed up for Weight Watchers and this is the day... I officially break up with my on going boyfriend... FOOD! lol

It's something I've been putting off and what pushed me to go and sign up for WW... is that I refuse to set my New Years goal... "Lose weight this year"!!! Besides, I'm tired of putting the boys on my lap to hide my gut, in our Christmas Family photos lol.

I know I'm crazy taking this on at 'this time of year', being that 'this is the best time of year'.
Ya know....
-sneaking the chocolate from the boys Halloween candy (you know you do it too!)
-All the CRAZY Thanksgiving food

Oh my word... lol.... I feel like I'm talking myself out of this!

Okay I'm focused again and here is my break up letter to food:

Dear food,

This is going to be hard to say but, it's time we go our separate ways! It's not that I don't love you anymore... It's that my jeans hate you and being that I need to wear them... to avoid showing my pail skin to the world... you and I need to say good bye!

I will miss our night time snacks and the calm you bring me, when I'm stressed. Please know that it's not you... It's me. We'll still see each other every time I visit your home (The kitchen), but please know that our relationship will be controlled by points.

Thanks for treating my taste buds so beautifully!


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Grace Tolman said...

Way to go friend! Goodluck and can't wait to see the new rockin' Heidi!

emilie said...

You can DO IT!!!

nancy said...

I love this letter!! I joined WW in July and I have lost 30 pounds! It really works and I am loving it... you can do it!!

Brenda Hurd said...

yay for you! Good luck - i started my journey with WW over a year ago and lost 40lbs. It has stuck - i don't do WW anymore - but am very consious of how many points are in what!!

wendipooh13 said...

way to go Heidi!!! it's hard and it sucks but is going to be good.. I just lost 20 lbs and am working on the next 10.. it's hard esp when the kids have dessert or I get a late night craving.. but I am sooo going to stick with it esp for the holidays!! good luck girl

Kirsten said...

you can do it!! and btw, it's never a good time of year. I realized that...the Holidays just keep coming, and they all revolve around food, so you just have to dig in and learn to get control. and ww is great. I love it. I'd be 40 lbs larger without them:)

Pam Callaghan said...

I still think you look incredibly cute in this pic,
good for you starting weight watchers :)

Jenn said...

Congrats for taking the next step. Your a beautiful person and I know you can meet any goal that you set out for yourself.

Aimee said...

yay! good for you. I'm thinking of doing the same... its time to go back on the plan... this time of year things get a little hairy scary... ;)

good luck on your journey!