Back home...but now sick :(

I got home EARLY Sunday morning and yep... I have Bronchitis again! It's alright though... I now have meds for it :)

Before I left for TX, I had these boxes end up on my door step. They were filled with the new Melody Ross collection (Artsy Urban) and I had to finish kitting for my classes and grab the stuff I needed for my trip to TX.

When I got to TX, I had my homegirl... Deb pick me up. Every moment spent with her was "fun laughter"! She can make me laugh sooo hard!

When I got to the hotel... I loved my little room 801 :)

Most of you know that I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches... so I ordered that... lol I also ordered that for dinner and lunch the next day! I can't help it... I love them that much! YUMMY!
What can I say... I'm a simply gal.

When the food came... it had this adorable tiny ketchup bottle. lol I took one home to show the boys and Jason.

On Friday night, I went out to see the town and Deb took me to buy Blue Bell Ice Cream!

She wasn't joking... it's SOOOO DANG GOOD! Has anyone else ever had this???

The Next day before my 2nd class started... I watched this oh -so-good-cheesetastic movie!

and then I took these photos of myself...

And after all was done... I flew home. I was so happy to see my boys and I enjoyed hanging out with Deb, The Prima girls, Hero Art girls and a few more.

Now I just hope my meds kick in soon ... so I can get back to normal life.

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Cheryl Nelson said...

Sorry you're sick Heidi! glad you have the meds. Yes, Blue Bell ice cream is THE BEST!!!!

Leslie said...

I've had bronchitis once and I didn't handle it well. The only thing good that came out of it was a lost 15 pounds that I never gained back:) I'm glad you had fun it Texas. What an awesome opportunity.

Anonymous said...

heidi pls call me!!!

Anonymous said...

i emailed you my number. thanks.

Nathalia Castellon said...

Awww, get better quick Heidi! I, too, LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches and Blue Bell Ice Cream (especially Banana Split) but if my booty gets any bigger it's going to have to have it's own zip code! LOL
Seriously, hope you're mending quickly! :)

Bethany Kartchner said...

Awww. poor girl! So sorry you're sick! Yuck! I've been checking out the GCD Blog and you are ROCKING! I'm loving it! :) Awesome awesome work!

Lydia Siegel said...

Im so jealous! Being a Texas girl at heart I so miss blue bell! I wish we had it here. You would so love to spend a day with my youngest boy Esteban. He can live off of grilled cheese. :)