There day has come....

Today at 7am we woke up, to get Bradley ready for school. I can't believe this day is here! I can't believe he is big enough to attend the 1st grade (we home schooled him for the Kindergarten)

After Bradley was dressed I packed his lunch :)

Jason took the day off, so he could walk with us to school. we just love our Daddy!!!

I love this photo of Bradley! He is so proud to be an Alley Cat!

I took this photo right before class started.

And this is his class room. The little girl he sits next to him, is a friend that lives next door to us. Lucky him! His teach is sooo nice and everyone that asked "who is his teach?" we would tell them "Mrs. Hyon", and then everyone said "OH... SHE IS AMAZING! YOU'LL LOVE HER!!"
Leaving him was hard!!! If Jason would have let me, I would have watched from the window all day lol!
I can't wait to ask him how the day went. I'm counting down the mins :)
I love you sooooooo MUCH! I can't believe how fast you grew up. I'm so proud to be your mommy and I'm so grateful I was there for you on this day! YOU mean the world to me!
I love you Peanut Butter!!!!!

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cheryln said...

Hooray for Bradley and hugs to you!