I need to get a schedule book!

Everyday seems to go on and on! I wake up with a list of 30 things to do in one day and I hope and pray I finish them on time! It's come to the point that I need a Schedule
book/planner! lol which I've always claimed... "I'll never need one of those". I guess I was wrong!

Monday -Friday Bradley and Jason have school
Monday Calvin has gymnastics
Wed & Friday after school soccer practice
Sat- soccer games
Everyday for me- work for GCD, getting Bradley and Calvin were they need to be on time, my Church callings and lol WAY MORE!
I do love working hard and running around...but man, it's been crazy lately!
Last night as I was about to start working on the Soccer banner for Bradley's team (I'll post photos later), we had a fun visit with Adam and Leslie (my brother and his VERY pregnant wife)
It was a FUN visit. This was the first time Jason and the boys met Leslie :) and Calvin couldn't get enough of her!
Last week was really busy and I made a cake for the Branch (church) I HATE THIS CAKE! It was warm this night so the frosting wasn't working... oh and it started off as a green cake lol and as you can see from the photo... I took it all off and started over. I HATED THIS LAME CAKE! lol
Last week, I also got my new Scrapbook Trends issue :) This layout is about my sister and her family!

My favorite part about this week... Bradley and Calvin have new friends that live in our building!
Oh.... I also cut my thumb open with my scissors! It hurt real bad!
Anyways, way more went on, but I don't have the time to post about it. It's how my life has been rolling lately! so I'm now off to finish the snacks for the team (because I'm a Soccer mom now).

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Shemaine Smith said...

Uh Huh...and people really think we SAHM's sit on the couch watching Soaps and eating Bon Bons all day...

Renee' Dezember said...

I'm with you and Shemaine...there's always TOO MUCH to do - if only I could sit onthe couch and watch soapies uninterrupted...yeah that would be the life - lol

Jason said...

Love you Soccer Mom!