Shouldn't a pound cake weigh a pound???

Jason and I went on a date...finally and while we were out we stopped by the 99 cent store (to by snacks for the movie). While we were there, Jason pointed this out. lol look at the oz on the POUND CAKE... shouldn't a pound cake weigh a pound??? 10 oz isn't a pound lol.

Also notice that it's the 99 cent Store and they priced it $1.79

Too funny!

Here are 3 new layouts I've made.
(I used Pink Paislee on this layout)
( I used Cherry Arte and Pink Paislee on this)

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cheryln said...

funny about the pound cake! lol! lovin' all the los!!

The Floured Apron Bakery said...

The term "pound cake" came from a cake that was traditionally made with a pound each of butter, flour, eggs and sugar. And any cake that has a 1:1:1:1 ratio is called a pound cake... no matter the size. :)

Love these layouts! So cute! :)