When children get sick

when children get sick... a mother misses out on

Never knows what day it is
and sleep!

This past 3 days... Calvin has been really sick. It's so sad when he gets sick! He just lays on the couch lifeless :( He's fever has gone up to 102.8 and thankfully it is finally...braking!

Here is a layout I made of Calvin and it can be found over at the October Afternoon's Blog

Right before Calvin got really sick, I took two boys from church, out and about on a photo shoot. They both wanted to practice photography and being that I'm a photographer... I offered to do it.

I taught them about perspective and that when you move around on the same shot, it can change the look of the photo. We went down to the San Pedro light house. It was fun spending the afternoon... just taking picture.
These two photos where taken at the same time, in the day.
PS I'm really close to my 300th post. On that day/post... I'm going to do a give away ;) so keep an eye out for it ;)

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scrapnnMO said...

OH Heidi what a sweet adorable layout of your little man. He's getting so big though. They sure grow up fast don't they. Great photo's of the lighthouse. Have a lovely weekend! :)
♥Hugs, Dawn♥

cheryln said...

hope Calvin is feeling better...hugs,Cheryl

Lexi said...

I SO TOTALLY know what you mean about sick babies! Just returned from getting more lab tests done at hospital on my 16 month old...who just got out of a 3 day/night hospital stay last week!Not fun when the fever reaches 105.5 :( It throws the whole family for a loop, doesn't it? Hope he gets better soon!

Leslie said...

Poor Calvin :( I hope he gets feeling better; for his sake and for yours. I guess I have a lot to look forward to as a mom. Not all of it seems great. LOL.