Weekend Update: Friday Fun

On Friday (after Jason got off of work), We went out to start our weekend fun. We decided to go to Ruby's (one of our favorite places to eat).

I've been going to Ruby's since I was about 13. I've always loved that they have a penny gumball machine.

If you want a large gumball you can use this gas machine. It's that so cute?!

It was a busy day for Ruby's so we had to wait for 25 mins (for a seat) and while we were waiting, I took this sweet photo of Calvin. Just look at his long baby lashes.

Aren't they cute?!

Before they bring out the food, they give the kids an activity box that will also hold their food. It looked like the Spruce Goose.

YUMMY... my food :)

Jason ate this

In the same parking lot as Ruby's they had an old school/ classic car contest. We got the best seat in the restaurant, because we were seated right in front of the window where the cars all were. So waiting for food was actually fun.

After we were all done eating, we were heading home when we saw the local High School and remembered that they put on a big firework show for our town on July the 3rd every year.
It was the perfect way to start the weekend :) Come back tomorrow for our July 4th post.

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cheryln said...

fun weekend!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh I love rubys!!!I miss it, love the angles of your pics!!

Leslie said...

I'm glad that you had a fun weekend eventhough I was bummed that you weren't able to make it up to Utah for the holiday. I was excited to meet your cute little boys! Oh well, life happens and we will eventually be able to get together.

Renee' Dezember said...

oh that looks like a fun place :)
Congrats on your happy news!!!

Lydia Siegel said...

Just wanted to say CONGRATS on being a finalist over at Cosmo Cricket!

meganklauer said...

I just wanted to stop by and say a huge congrats on the CC finals! Your style is truelly amazing and pure eye candy each time I see it!