We took Bradley and Calvin to the park on Friday night and I decided this was the day to get good photos of Bradley. It's funny, I'm a photographer, but for some reason I never do "REAL Photo Shoots" with my kids. So, I decided for every new birthday, I would take 'time' to do a "REAL photo shoot" for that birthday family member. This is a good way to track their growth :)

I went to Party City and bought 4 balloons and I made this birthday crown for Bradley to wear. This is just one of the 400 photos I took lol.
PS This crown is made out of the AUG Studio Calico Kit ;)

I was also lucky to get this funny photo of Calvin. He makes the BEST sassy face!

I love this photo :)

On Saturday, we helped Bradley's friend Thomas, celebrate his birthday. He had this crazy water slide, which I thought would be great for the boys. Bradley went down it and decided it wasn't for him! I tried to talk him into going again, but he said "Mommy it goes too fast and I got water in my eyes". Bummer!

Not ready to go home after the party, we drove over to Vince Beach. It was the perfect summer day to visit. We drove up and down the coast.

Today (on Sunday) is 12 on 12. 12 photos on the 12 day, of the month. You can find a link for it on my friends list (to the left). It's such a fun challenge and I've already taken 5 photos for the day. I plan to make a layout tonight with the photos and I'll post it here :)

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Sunday and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hunter :)

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cheryln said...

so glad you are feeling happier now!! loooooovin' that lo! such cute pics!! hugs, cheryl

Sarah said...

Aww, glad you are happier now. I read your last post the other day and kept thinking about it. I feel sooo bad. Scrapping is supposed to be happy! I can't believe how mean spirited some people can be. I don't even know you, but feel like I know a little about you and your family through your layouts. Plus we have the same hair :)

Ginger said...

So sorry you had to deal with such sour grapes :( I thought CC was crazy not to pick you! :)

Jill Deiling said...

hey hun!
i just left you a big comment on your post below. im sorry you let three of your dt positions go, but just always do what makes you happy, dont let other people try to push you into doing something you dont want!
think about it... the more people who are bashing your name means the more people who know who you are and wish they could be you, lol!!