Happy 3rd Birthday Calvin!

It has been a LONG and wild week/weekend. So much running around and so many photos to share :)



While we were out camping on Sat, Calvin turned 3 years old and I can't believe it! When I gave birth to Calvin... Bradley was 3 years old. It makes me so sad how fast he is growing up and I think it's TIME we get on the new baby train 'idea'.

3 years ago (in room 311) I gave birth to the sweet, but full of energy baby Calvin Tanner! From the moment I held him, I was in love!

Calvin has been my "over the top personality child". He is super passionate about EVERYTHING! I love his firey little soul and his strong will to do it his way.

When he turned 1, he was into everything and wanted to be a part of everything.

When he turned 2, we really got the picture of "who Calvin.... was really going to be"! I know that this kid will do great things with his life. I know this kid can do anything he puts his mind to.

While we were camping, Calvin LOVED running around and getting dirty. He loved sleeping in a tent and loved playing with other kids. At first I was sad we didn't have a big 'ol party that day, but then I realized.... that it was actually perfect to celebrate him. In the morning we did our Birthday Tradition and made him Pancakes :)

Later on Sunday Nana, Pappy and Meagan came over and we had presents, cake and ice cream. In about a week we plan to take Calvin and Bradley to Sea World to really Celebrate him turning 3 :)

To my Calvin:

If I could stop time, I would. If I could stop the time to hold your little-ness longer.... I WOULD! I'm so in love with you and your silly/sassy ways. I love your STRONG WILL to live YOUR LIFE! With each new little step you take and grow, I find great joy and happiness in them.

I hope you NEVER change! I hope you keep that fire and go after what you want! I love you so much! I love you forever my tannoneenee ;)


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Brenda Hurd said...

Happy birthday to the little guy!!

RaisingCropsAndBabies said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!

-It seems so bittersweet already. My oldest son, James Calvin (yes I call him both names, but my family calls him 'calvin' cause there are 4 'james' in our family) =) , just turned 2 years old and it's so interesting to see what stuff he's really into and how he's growing and changing into a little boy. So bittersweet though. It makes me cry...
"I'll Love You Forever" book keeps replaying in my mind...

How lucky Calvin is to have you as his mama and to be able to look back on his years with such detail and description!

scrapnnMO said...

Oh Happy Birthday little Calvin!!
OH my goodness has it really been three years since this sweet boy came into the world. WOW time sure does fly! Thanks for sharing the photo's! :)

Shemaine Smith said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! Each year our children grow closer to leaving us and making their own way in the world is so bittersweet. I love Calvin for his feistyness, he's an amazing little man!