Yesterday(Friday), Bradley was so surprised to find out about his small birthday party. Just Nana and Pappy and Auntie Meagan came. He loved his cake and received really neat gifts!

Starting the next morning at 7:53 am, we sang "Happy Birthday" and told Bradley our big birthday surprise for him

when we got to Disneyland... the nice lady at the window hooked Bradley up with a cool birthday badge. Check out her hand writing on it!

At this point of the day... was probably the coolest part. BRADLEY got picked to FIGHT DARTH VADER!

Being that this was Calvin's first trip to Disneyland, he loved driving the cars and YUMMY candy. lol Small World was an over load for him! He had the biggest eyes on that ride!

For Lunch was had some YUMMY Mexican food! It was so good!!

Than later in the day, we met Mickey Mouse! It was so nice, because we got him all alone. It was such perfect timing!

I love this photo of our little Calvin!

Love this photo too!

Us getting on Small World

Bradley was such a lucky boy! He had so many people tell him Happy Birthday (because of his cool badge) and so many people (that we didn't know) gave him little gifts! It was SUCH a PERFECT DAY! I'll never forget it!

Happy Birthday Peanut Butter!!!! We love you SOOO MUCH!

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cheryln said...

what a great day!! Happy Birthday again to Bradley!! I'm so glad it was such a fabulous time!!

Kristin said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Oh I love Disney so much, it's really the most magical place on earth. And those lollypops are the yummiest!

Grace Tolman said...

What a fun 6th birthday treat for Bradley and your family. I can't show this to Marcus right now cause he'll be green with envy! Happy Birthday Bradley. :)

Leslie said...

Calvin looks terrifed on that little roller coaster! So cute. Tell Bradley Happy Birthday.

Lexi said...

OH my! What fun! My 3.5 yr old little guy LOVES Star Wars too and would FLIP to get to "meet" Darth Vader and some storm troopers! We are planning a Disney trip..in like 3 years when our littlest coulld enjoy it more. Sounds you your big guy got the perfect gift!

Michelle said...

What a sweet day! I had to smile when I got to the end and saw you write "Happy Birthday Peanut Butter" because that is my nickname for one of my boys!