I hate cramps! Anyone that tells you "Cramps get better after having a baby" is a liar! Don't believe them. lol well... now that you know my "friend" is visiting right now (I know TMI), lets move onto the world of scrappy stuff.

It's been 11 day when I last posted something and I have a good reason for it :)

  • We got approved for a home loan
  • We've been house hunting
  • I had a chance to work with the Studio Calico kit, for the month of may (for The Scrap Review)
  • I was offered a spot on a new DT and it's a GOOD ONE :)
  • My sister-in-law just gave birth to my beautiful new niece (I'll post photos tomorrow)
  • I received my copy of CK's Easier than Ever-2 and I have a layout on page 130
  • I got my issue of the June CK and I have 4 layouts in it (page 59, 70, 88, 100)
  • and way more I just don't have time to list lol
Here is what I made with the Studio Calico kit. You can see my review at
The Scrap Review

Other than that, I hope to (very soon) catch up with you all and your blogs. I really do miss the days I could just check out blogs. GCD is keeping me busy with fun work and I love that company... more then I can say. They are such kind, HARD WORKING people!

I love you all and thanks for being my friends. It keeps me going, knowing that I have you all :)

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Estee said...

I love those Studio Calico layouts!! I love the colors!!! Congrats on the new DT! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Bethany Kartchner said...

YEAH! congrats on MLS!!! So excited for you! And so it seems that we will be working together again! :)

Oh, and awesome LOs BTW! Congrats on the home loan. Yipeeee!

Nicole said...

congratulations heidi, and welcome to our mls family:)
erin yamabe

Grace Tolman said...

great projects Heidi. love the flower card. Take care and hope to see you soon.

Shelley Haganman said...

Congrats Heidi!!! You are one busy girl! Love, love, love the layouts!

Kristin said...

Congrats on the new DT! Don't you just love the good kind of being busy, lol!

erin said...

hi again heidi,
it's erin yamabe, welcome to our mls family and congratulations!
see that i was signed under nicole, my friend while at her house.

Lynn Ghahary said...

Huge congrats to you my friend on all of your new happenings!

Renee' Dezember said...

oh those LOs are amazing!!! tfs Congrats again on the NEW DT :D - the new addition to the family and being approved for the home loan - happy house hunting!