I'm ready for summer!

This past 3 days have been in, or over the 90's (cali weather) and I HAVE BEEN LOVING IT! It makes me want to pack up the car and go on a LONG road trip.

Today the cold weather is back and I'm sad. lol I even offered Bradley hot chocolate. I took this photo last June, on the way home from UT. I can't wait to hope in the car and GO! Fingers crossed it's soon!


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Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Oh I know how you feel! We had a high of 68F over the weekend and we've had non stop snow yday for 7 hrs! This morning was down 14F. Winter winter go away!!! LOL

~Lori (loree2000 SCS) said...

I'm SO ready for summer too!! It's on it's way! It was 81 here yesterday! YAY!!!

I hope you get your wish soon! :)

krista said...

okay-wishing i wouldn't have read your post today-it's been in the low 30's still every night. Today is rainy, wet and low 50's. I'm beginning to think we will NEVER see summer or even Spring for that matter!!!!! Enjoy those beautiful days Heidi-just wished I lived a little closer to you where I could bare my toes every once in awhile:)