I love feeling :)

I often come across things that brings me good feelings. Most of the time... it's an old fond memory sparked by a face, a movie or a song. I will remember how I felt back then, ya know at that very moment.

It's 2AM and I just finished watching 'You've Got Mail!' I can remember watching it in the theater and LOVING it. I can remember leaving my seat and thinking "Someday I'll find that happy silly love".

I'm a hopeful, my cup is completely full... kind of a girl, who constantly longs for the best in this world and often finds it...because I wont give up!

I love happy endings in movies and I love "feeling things". Thank Heavens for those little feelings that brings me such perfect and simple joy! I am very blessed to be me! I am grateful for the small things! I am grateful for memories and feelings!

Favorite Memories
-The night I told Jason I loved him
-Telling my best friends everything and trusting them
-The first time I felt Bradley kick
-The first time I held Calvin and he smiled
-And every and anything in between


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Shemaine said...

beautiful post, beautiful you...