Long weekend + a LOT of photos

This weekend had a lot of ups and downs, but I'm going to focus on the ups.

This day I went to my sweet friends home, Shemaine and spent the day scrapbooking with her. I made 4 new layouts and here is a peek of them. I'll post them tomorrow.

We spent this day out and about.
We took Bradley and Calvin to ride the Pony's.

We took them to ride the Merry-Go-Round

We took them to the Train Museum

We went to see the HOLLYWOOD sign

We went to the Griffith Observatory
to see the stars

At the end of this day it was super cold and windy. When we woke up on Sunday, I was sick again! I must have pushed myself to much! WINTER GO AWAY!
Once again I was sick and I missed church! I miss going. I think next weekend I'll camp it out at home, so I'll feel great to go on Sunday. I teach the youth Sunday school class and I miss teaching those kids.
While I was home I thought I'd make a small hand bag. Something easy to make and that would keep my mind busy. I listened to a few talks from www.lds.org , that way I got something Church-ie in
I'll post my little bag later this week :)
Happy Monday everyone.

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Elisa K said...

I so love the peeks at your layouts. Can't wait to see them in full layout form.. lol HOpe ya get to feeling better.

Elisa K

Shemaine said...

Aww man, I'm sorry you got sick again friend. I had such an amazing time scrapping with you Heidi. I am SO lucky to have found such a great friend that lives so close!!!