"We're the dancers"

Yesterday Emilie Ahern called me on the phone and said "Dude, you have to watch the video on my blog!"

She was right! I laughed so hard! What most people in the scrapbook world don't know about me, is that I'm a big fan of Dancing! BIG FAN! Like, I never miss an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and I watch all dance contests!
When Beyonce came out with this video I feel in love. If you've seen the real video you'll find this one super funny! Make sure you watch Justin. lol He knows all the dance moves and keeps up with her!

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Sarah Mullanix said...

Really cute LO....and the video is sooooo funny!!! Justin is hilarious with all his dance moves and that little voice he kept talking with!!! Thanks for the laugh!


Red_Inc. said...

I love orange too...there is SO much of it in all the new releases! Love your layout!!

Shemaine said...

ohhh that layout is stunning!

Ashley said...

Beautiful layout Heidi! What sweet pictures!

Denise said...

Funny video! JT doesn't look too bad in the get up. Ummm...maybe not. Excellent layout! I love orange, too.

Ashley said...

What a super cute LO woman! I linked you up on my blog! WOO HOO! Have a great day!