Good Morning Wednesday

FINALLY, last night we went to Target to buy Space Buddies!

After Bradley saved up $11.69 (and a little extra money from mommy and daddy) we bought the movie. I've been trying to teach Bradley the value of a $1. It was so cute to see him so proud of himself (that he bought the movie). Oh and the movie wasn't $19.99. It was one sale for $16.

The lady that checked us out was so kind. She turned off her light, so she could count Bradley's had earned pennys, dimes and nichols.
OH and can you see the guy in the back ground?
He asked me to put my camera away and I said "sure. just let me take one more picture" and he said " I think you've taken enough" So to sass him I picked up my camera and said "Nope, just one more!" and got this shot. I'm sure Jason was embarrassed, but if I gave up I wouldn't have this last photo!

So take that Target Manager! lol

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Jenn said...

GOOD FOR YOU!! Why do some people have to be such a downer. Great pics :) How was the movie?

karen m. (akaliz) said...

why would he ask you to put your camera away? he was probably some way-too-young-to-be-manager geek and thought he was being all big and bad. what a jerk.

Anonymous said...

My twins have wanted this since CHristmas - I picked it up at Costco and spent more than you did at Target! Darn! You go girl - way to handle the manager!

Jennifer said...

I ***love*** that you did and said what you did! That sounds so much like something I would have done. Good for you!

Shemaine said...

Oh you are kidding me? Was this at the Manhatten Beach one?? Way to handle it!

KateB said...

yeah sometimes you gotta get that last shot; they are all scared that you worked for Walmart or something & were in there to steal ideas. I've learned the hard way that I take pictures first (with my quick burst on) so that by the time somebody comes up, I'm done! I used to ask first but that gives people a chance to say NO and we scrappers gotta get the shot!