January is almost done???!!!

What in the world? January just came! I can't believe it's already the 19th. It's true that time flies by faster, when you get older.
For my week 3 color challenge I went girlie. Greys, pinks and green. With them I made this layout.
This layout is about my adorable niece Emily. She is one cute teen and this title says it all. Love ya emmy ;)

I almost forgot to share. Last week we went to a baby farm at the Orange County fair grounds. Because of home school, we got in free. My kind of day! While there we saw so many sweet baby animals AND Calvin got bit by a chicken. He put his little finger in the cage and well, the chicken went for it. It was so sad and he was soooo MAD! He said "Wicked Chicken!"

While the kids eat some food, Bradley and I did a work sheet. lol I love his blue cow! What an artist, just like his mommy! Always thinking out of the box!

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Sarah Mullanix said...

Gorgeous layout...love the way you mixed all those colors and pp!


Shemaine said...

Great layout I was waiting for you to post these pics! Glad you had fun!!! I hope the Cricket Crew picks you for dinner!!! I'm SO jealous but maybe next year I'll be on a DT and get to go with you to CHA YAY :)